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Reconstruction with Your Own Tissues

Breast reconstruction with your own tissues is an excellent option for those women who wish to avoid the use of foreign materials. With this method, a breast mound may be created by borrowing tissue from another body area, such as your abdomen, buttock, or back.

This technique is more complicated than use of a tissue expander and implant; however, once completed, it is less likely to require maintenance as you age and usually provides the best cosmetic outcome.

Options for reconstruction using your own tissues include:

Summary of Reconstruction Using Your Own Tissues


Surgery Usually 2 surgeries
General Anesthesia Yes
Hospitalization Usually 4-5 days
Recovery Period 4-6 weeks
Need for Multiple Office Visits Yes
Scars Mastectomy scar and donor site scar
Shape and Consistency More natural shape; soft
Opposite Breast Fewer changes usually required to achieve a match in a bra
Skin Sensation Altered in surgical areas
Potential Problems

Abdominal weakness or bulge (TRAM); partial breast hardening; total flap loss


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